Imagine this. Waking up to the sight of green life and warm clouds, the sound of chirping birds and calm breeze. The villas at Iconica Grande has that in abundance. Imagine this. Spectacular home designs at par with international standards, unmatched comfort through in house amenities and an exciting community life. The villas at Iconica Grande has that in abundance as well. Live life at Iconica Grande.

Live where life is celebrated

Getting away from the buzz of life and waking up to the chirping birds hasn’t been more peaceful through the villas at Iconica Grande.

Luxury of
the grande-life

The villas at Iconica Grande lies amidst a class of luxury. Time to reinvigorate yourself through modern lifestyles.

Luxury of

With a clubhouse spread across 14000 sq ft, Iconica Grande provides you the perfect opportunity to wind down after a long day. Filled with amenities like landscape gardens, swimming pool, indoor gaming and fitness gyms, this is your home.

Luxury of openness

Set against the backdrop of the Easter Ghats, Iconica Grande is set amidst the perfect combination of nature and a luxurious lifestyle. Developed as per international standards, the villa designs are unmatched and stand at par from other homes.

The luxurious life at Iconica Grande sums itself up n its line-up of fabulous villas spread over 15.23 acres. The villas at Iconica Grande are here to take luxury living to newer heights of class and elegance

Vibrant and free-flowing nature

  • A beautiful amalgamation of eclectic architecture, materials & efficient design.
  • Developed along the lines of international standards.
  • Unmatched comfort in terms of design, layout & amenities.
  • Exquisitely designed homes interspersed with anicured green space.

Luxury of accessibility

Aimed at providing you the ultimate choice of living, Iconica Grande villas are situated in the hub of the city. With close proximity to work, entertainment, schools and more, Iconica Grande villas is your perfect home.

Luxury of exclusivity

Luxury villas created for the privileged few, Iconica Grande is meticulously designed to provide the highest order of luxury and comfort to its residents.

Only a few special ones get to experience these villas that are the symbols of beauty. The grandeur of the villas’ exterior is perfectly complemented with the stunning interior aesthetics, which is evident in every element of the design.

Some sights need to be treasured and enjoyed in absolute comfort. Our exquisitely designed interiors, which include a wide span of artful windows, ensure that you are treated to a well-ventilated, cozy in-house ambiance. Also, the innovative and practically feasible layouts provide you with unique cooking and dining experiences. In addition, the meticulously designed bathrooms too offer you a whole new level of indulgence.

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